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Fresh dates for sale and export

Fresh dates have a higher moisture content than dry dates. If stored in a refrigerator container and the temperature is kept fresh for 8 months. Dry dates have longer life spans. For sale and export of fresh dates you need special packaging and appropriate storage conditions.

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Fresh dates or dried dates

One of the very high consumption of dates, dry dates. Infact dates include different type of dates and dry dates.

  • Compared with other types of dry dates and dates of the amount of water is less and generally lack the moisture and juice. Dried dates have a delicious flavor and sugar is relatively high.
  • Dates are high in calories, and the addition of high levels of sugar has caused many people to meet their energy needs benefit from this type of date.
  • Fresh dates usually take longer to handle. The harvest time is before the dry dates. Hence, it has a higher moisture content. Usually, it has a soft texture.

fresh or dry dates

How long do fresh dates keep?

Due to the amount of moisture and soft tissue, fresh dates have an ambient temperature of up to two months.

You can keep the dates in the refrigerator for up to one year and in the refrigerator or freezer for more than two years.

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Where do buy fresh dates

The sale of dry dates through the Internet is one way of supplying products. Valuable online stores also offer a variety of dates. Dry Rabbi Dates is one of the best-selling export figures in Iran. Stay tuned for new dates and know its sales rates.

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The dry and fresh dates market in Iran is booming because of the high variety of products. Because of the high shelf life of dried varieties, there are usually also purchases from other countries.

Exports of various dry dates, including the Rabbi variety, are mostly to neighboring countries and the Gulf. Buying and selling dates of rabbits is usually done with the purchase price of the stallions.

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