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kabkab dates suppliers in iran

Kabkab dates suppliers in Iran are mostly in Bushehr province and Dashtestan region. Kabkab dates are very popular and sweet, except for new and exported fresh dates in Iran.

Kabkab dates are the most important and most abundant type of Iranian dates that are planted and harvested in southern Iran.
This date covers 80% of Bushehr production and is one of the most important export products of Iran.
What is the price of Kabkab dates compared to other dates?

kabkab date

Where are Kabkab dates suppliers?

Iranian dates

As you know, Kabkab dates are one of the most important Persian dates, which has very positive characteristics.
This type of dates consists of nutrients and is grown and grown in pasture areas of southern Iran.
Kabkab dates suppliers are in these areas:

  • Dates of Behbahan
  • Dashtestan dates
  • Borazjan’s dates
  • Khesht dates
  • Bushehr dates

What are the characteristics of Kabkab dates?

Kabkab dates are the sweetest type of fresh dates that have different sizes.
These dates are as numerous as other food products, which are listed below:

kabkab dates suppliers

  • Coarse size
  • Fresh fruit color: brown
  • Humidity: 35-32%
  • Use of rattan and its dates
  • High economic significance
  • Date Shell: Thick
  • Shape: Oval
  • High core adhesion to fruit
  • Texture: Soft and sooty
  • Shelf life: at -5 degrees to 2 years

Kabkab dates Price for export

The high price of Kabkab dates like other food products is determined by type and size, and of course, this product is considered to be the best-selling type of date due to its nutrients and quality.
These dates are sold at an affordable price and are of high economic value.
Kabkab dates price can be obtained from online sites and, of course, you can get a discount by buying a major product.
Kabkab dates are often prepared in handwriting in cartons of 5 and 10 kg for export.
But usually these dates are packed in compressedi form with the addition of palm sap.

kabkab dates supplier

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