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Iranian Rabbi dates price

Iranian rabbi dates are among the cheapest dates in the world. This product is mainly manufactured in Iranshahr, Saravan, Jolgeh, and Daman areas and shipped to other factories for packaging. The price of the rabbi date is determined by the quality and type of packaging.

Rabbi dates Iran

Rabbi dates benefits

Sale of dried dates is very common in Iran.
Due to the high durability of the dry cultivars, there is usually demand from other countries for purchase.

Best dates

  • Effective on boosting body energy
  • Increased immunity
  • Effective on blood making
  • Useful for the treatment of anemia
  • Effective in the treatment of stress
  • depression treatment
  • Tooth strength
  • Improve nervous system function
  • Effective in preventing cancer
  • Improve muscle function

As stated in the text above, the healing properties of rabbi dates, this product has unique benefits in the treatment of many diseases.
So most people around the world are always trying to buy dates in their original quality.
You can contact us to buy dried packaged dates.

Dried dates suppliers in iran

Sistan and Baluchestan province is one of the date palm trees in Iran. Thousands of varieties of Mazafati dates and dried dates are produced annually in the province.

Iranian dates

Iranshahr mazafati dates are one of the export dates of Iran and most suppliers of dried dates are in the area.
The shape of the date is stretched and dark brown to black to resemble it closely with my date.
The semi-arid, dry texture of these dates has a high shelf life.
So that these dates can be stored at normal temperatures.
The higher the color of the date palm, the darker and the skin adhesion to the fruit mantle, is better the date.
Usually, Rabi dates are exported in bulk in 5 and 10 kg packages after sorting and washing.

Rabbi dates price in Pakistan

Iranian dried dates can be exported to world markets. They have even been able to compete with similar figures in other countries.
Iranshahr rabbi dates have high economic value. Because of Iranshahr’s border with Pakistan, many traders sell Rabbi dates as Pakistani dates.
Export of Iranian dates to neighboring countries such as Turkey is very common. One of the dates that has been welcomed in the Turkish market is date palm.
Usually exported and washed dates are exported to Turkey for export to Turkey.
They are then packaged in 500-gram packages or 10-kg cartons. The types of packaging can be manufactured to suit Turkish stores.

 Dried rabbi dates   Dried rabbi dates

Dry dates exporters Pakistan

Exports of dried dates are mostly from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and the Persian Gulf.
Buying and selling rabbi dates usually takes place at a discounted price. Contact us to get a top-notch date.
Iran’s capacity to produce dried dates is very high.
Annually more than thousands of different types of dates are exported to other countries.
Iran is one of the most serious competitors among date producing countries in the world.
Iran’s variety of dried dates is high compared to Arab countries, ranking second after Egypt in producing dates.

iranian date

Fresh dates buy in India

Iran’s fresh dates in India have many fans. Indian merchants make a large proportion of purchases of dates imported from Iran annually.
The most popular dates in India are Mazafati dates, fresh dates and Zahedi dates.

Iranian rabbi dates

If you do not have a representative in Iran for inspection and procurement of dates, you can ship the goods to the Iranian Customs after you have declared the type and amount of your order.
Otherwise, Rabbi dates will be delivered to the refrigerator door after you have ordered it.
If you are a buyer or seller of this product you can contact us by completing the form below or by contacting us directly.
Iranshahr rabbi dates are one of the exported varieties of Iran. These dates are shipped annually to many countries including Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, India and many European countries. Rabbi dates are available in bulk and packaged.

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