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Thursday , December 12 2019
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Piarom Dates | Iran Dates Company with Direct Price

Piarom Dates is one of the varieties cultivated in Haji Abad, Hormozgan province.Piarom  is a commercial and first class variety due to its good quality and marketability. The product has so far attracted the attention of global markets.The thin skin of these dates is dark brown in color and since the meat and skin are completely attached to each other, it has a nice appearance and the washing process is complete and since most of the fructose sugar in it is It is easily and quickly used in the body’s metabolism, and those who have once consumed it due to its good taste and good appearance and other nutritional properties are usually a regular consumer of these dates.

Piarom Dates | Iran Dates Company with Direct Price

Are dates good for the heart?

Are dates good for the heart?  Dates are very effective in keeping your heart healthy. Soaking dates in the water at night and crushing them in the morning and consuming them can be effective in treating heart failure. Potassium, according to research, can help prevent heart attacks and other heart disease. In addition, it has been proven that consumption of dates reduces the level of bad blood cholesterol and thereby reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. That is why consuming dates twice a week improves overall heart health.kabkab dates are a variety of dates available in Iran.

Which date fruit is best?

Which date fruit is best?Dates are various and sold in the market as dry, semi-dry and wet. Many people are wondering which of these dates is better when buying dates, or is it actually better dates or dry dates? Even sometimes the question arises whether the dates are healthier or the dates are dry?

Contrary to people’s opinion, the lower the date, the higher the sugar content. Dried dates have the lowest moisture content, indicating that dried dates have higher sugar content than wet dates. However, dried dates can be stored much more easily and used for a much longer time. Fresh dates should be stored in the fridge and in a cooler environment, preferably below 5 ° C, but dry dates can be stored in cool, dry environments of up to 10 or even 15 ° C.

Which dates are best for health?

Which dates are best for health?Dates are palm fruit and rich in minerals, healthy fiber and vitamins. Date fruit is one of the sweetest fruits marketed in many varieties. No one denies that the dates are very tasty and have a pleasant taste. However, if you look at the nutritional content of your diet, you may not include this healthy and nutritious diet as much as other foods.Piarom dates price can be obtained from:

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iran dates company is one of the largest manufacturers of this product in the world.

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