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Sunday , July 12 2020
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Fresh dates

Fresh dates have a high moisture content of 14% and a soft texture. Mozafati dates and Kabkab dates are considered as fresh Iranian dates. This type of date is sold in the markets of Arab countries and the Persian Gulf.

kabkab dates suppliers in iran

kabkab dates suppliers

Kabkab dates suppliers in Iran are mostly in Bushehr province and Dashtestan region. Kabkab dates are very popular and sweet, except for new and exported fresh dates in Iran. Kabkab dates are the most important and most abundant type of Iranian dates that are planted and harvested in southern Iran. …

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Import sayer dates to Russia

Sayer dates suppliers

Import sayer dates or Stamaran is often done to European and Asian countries, including Russia, Turkey, Britain, and Germany. Sayer date are Iranian best-selling and export dates. Russia is one of the countries that annually buys a lot of imported dates from Iran. To learn more about the dates of …

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Bam mazafati dates where to buy?

Bam mazafati dates

Bam mazafati dates are packed in cartons of 600-650 grams. The various qualities of these dates can be purchased online and online. Suppliers of Mazatifi dates in Bam, produce the product at an affordable price. Bam mazafati dates Mazafati dates are one of the best-selling varieties in Iran. Exports of …

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