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Monday , January 20 2020

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Iranian Rabbi dates price

Iranian rabbi dates

Iranian rabbi dates are among the cheapest dates in the world. This product is mainly manufactured in Iranshahr, Saravan, Jolgeh, and Daman areas and shipped to other factories for packaging. The price of the rabbi date is determined by the quality and type of packaging. Rabbi dates benefits Sale of …

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kabkab dates suppliers in iran

kabkab dates suppliers

Kabkab dates suppliers in Iran are mostly in Bushehr province and Dashtestan region. Kabkab dates are very popular and sweet, except for new and exported fresh dates in Iran. Kabkab dates are the most important and most abundant type of Iranian dates that are planted and harvested in southern Iran. …

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Best type of dates in Iran

Best type of dates

Best type of dates, Where to buy? You can get to know with Iranian dates, in Arad Dates group. Iran is one of the world’s most popular dairy products, which produce millions of tons of dates annually. The best Iranian dates include the Piarom, Mazafati, Zahedi, Shahani, Rabbi and the …

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