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Tuesday , December 10 2019

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Buy Iranian dates online from export companies

Iranian dates

Buy Iranian dates from the country’s largest suppliers is possible. Import of Iranian dry dates to most Asian and European countries. Online sales of dates by exporting companies are useful for saving time and choosing the best date variety for business travelers. Which country has the best dates? Iran’s capacity …

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Sayer dates suppliers and Exporter Company in Iran

Sayer dates suppliers

Sayer dates suppliers in Iran are often located in Khuzestan province. Interestingly, more than 60 percent of Iran’s export dates are produced in the region every year. Arad dates is one of the largest suppliers of sayer dates. This company exports all kinds of dates to Zahidi, Piarom, Mazafati, Rabbi …

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Piarom dates suppliers and exporter

Piarom dates suppliers

Piarom dates suppliers and exporter in Iran are ready to cooperate with international traders. The dates are the best-selling Iranian cultivars. Exporters of dates all over the world visit Iran every year to prepare these dates. Piarom date As mentioned, the dates of the cultivars are cultivars in the Haji …

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Zahedi dates suppliers and import them

Zahedi dates suppliers

Zahedi dates suppliers in the world are often Iraq and Iran . Iraqi date Zahedi is one of the most popular types of exportation. This date in Iran is also very high quality. Zahidi dates import from Iran to other countries with the best conditions. Zahedi’s dry dates Fars and …

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Import dry dates to India from Iran

Import dry dates

Import dry dates and fresh are possible in a variety of packaging  to other countries. The import of a variety of dry dates from Iran to countries such as Russia, Turkey and India has been very influential in the economic prosperity of countries. Iranian  dates Iran is considered to be the …

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